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Adcem was initially incorporated as Adcem Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a limited liability company in 1992 providing Renal Care products for over 20 years. We have been delivering quality Fresenius Dialysis machine and consumables, vascular access products from Medcom and to provide continous training and education for customer-institution's personnel.

Over the years, the company has realized that it had had to go a little further than the sales and services of its products, to providing a high level of support services like Renal Care Consultancy, innovative solutions to peculiar problems and to generally be in the forefront to improving Renal Care services in the country. The company has been a pioneer in the provision of Dialysis in the country and has since not lost its pioneering efforts even in the area of Technological adcvancement. As the sole representtative of Fresenius Medical care of Germany, we typify Fresenius' decades of experience in dialysis,innovative research and global leadership in dialysis services and products in Nigeria.

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can now look ahead with much more confidence thanks to Adcem's innovative technologies and treatment concepts. These concepts transcend the provisionof Dialysis machines to the conceptualization of unique solution packages that will be tailored to the customer-institution's need to provide adequate and effective renal treatment for its patients. We give them a future, one that offers them the best possible quality of life.


Around 2014, Adcem Pharmaceuticals Ltd gave birth to Adcem Healthcare Ltd, a move aimed at consolidating the Renal Care service delivery of the comppany. Since the company had metamorphosized from being a dialysis machines and consumables supply company to the provision of a complete renal care therapy provider.

Adcem Healthcare was conceptualized to take over from Adcem Pharmamceuticals Ltd as a result of the need to portray the holistic approach of its renal care business. With the birth of the new concept, Adcem Healtcare, the company does not just supply and maintain Dialysis machines to the local market but in addition to this, provides comprehensive Renal Care therapy solutions that results from an analytical and diagnostic look at the clients peculiar need.

Adcem Pharmaceuticals continues as the sister company of Adcem Healthcare, that is dedicated to the direct importation and direct business relationship with Technical partners; FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE for dialysis machines and consumables, MEDCOMP US for vascular access devices, FRESENIUS KABI for lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition and AEROCOM for Pneumatic Tube Systems (an automated transport solution for hospitals) and internal logistics. Adcem pharmaceuticals also focuses on the manufacturing activities of the company.

Our Mission

We intend to be the foremost institution of excellence providing quality and innovative products, services and equipment in the Pharmaceutical, Renal and Healthcare Industry in Nigeria and West Africa, by: Providing the best value solutions for our customers by ensuring business imperatives are delivered and their ethical objectives are achieved. Being committed to the growing global footprint of our partner’s solution and providing quality representation. Promoting job satisfaction in our employees, through the provision of equal opportunities, a stimulating work environment and nurturing their potentials through continuous training and development. Continuously adding value to the society through the provision of sustainable best practices.

Our vision

“To radically transform the delivery of healthcare services in Nigeria and West Africa ……creating a social and economic impact that will affect society exponentially……while establishing the leading service model for all of Africa.” Adeyemi Adewole – Founder and CEO ADCEM Pharmaceuticals LTD "

Our Core Values

Our core values are represented by the acronym SLIITS:

  • S– Self Motivation
  • L– Leadership
  • I– Innovation
  • I– Integrity
  • T– Teamwork
  • S– Sustainability